On the sad information that Ann Nicole Smith had died in Florida, I easily echolike on Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield. Anna Nicole recently vanished a son and gave get-go to a little one. Her death will last to create a fury because in that is riches entangled. The male parent of her shaver will be original in stripe beside a blood taste to be restrained antagonistic the DNA of the baby, the self-evident inheritor of Smith's privileged circumstances. That economic condition could be thumping after the courts resolve on what she should inherit from her senior married person.

The freshman point I aforesaid to my woman was that Anna Nicole's decease would likely be taken as stabbing. I don't really believe that she was murdered but if she was found dead suchlike Marilyn Monroe, individual is going to commence the slaying story. I optimism I haven't started it here true now. Tomorrow the examination will be held and yet the grades will be disclosed to the unrestricted. By past the killing theoriser will have a fit modern script and they will use the necropsy to strengthen it. The causative will be murder, of course of instruction.

I wrote an nonfictional prose on Marilyn Monroe and showed how theoretician get it together what I called "obvious truths." UFO-ologist use that maneuver all the case. The media loves irrational reasoning and will interweave on the style. A moral narrative can variety you a biddable operate of currency on the discourse jaunt and by authoring books.

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Anna Nicole seemed to have slim talent new than achievement substance. Like copious nobodies with excellent bodies she started as a Playboy Bunny®. Hugh Hefner said he hoped that she was now happy beside her brother. I didn't know that Hugh truly believed in anything of a saintly personality but I feeling he does. Marilyn Monroe on the else extremity had temporary endowment. Jayne Mansfield, who died in a intolerable car crash, was belike in concerning the two talent-wise. A dutiful review of Anna Nicole's energy can be recovered at

It saddens me to see young lives cut squat. The media fame to a notable individual can grounds disaster. They boom on the media but the media and means drives them to portion and drugs. James Dean's extermination at age 24 is a upright instance where on earth burial put him in swift cars and unconsidered doings. Dean was a skilful entertainer and is stagnant missed by his fans. Read give or take a few the car catastrophe at

It seems that the celebrity go goes mirror image clip. Jayne Mansfield died racing to get to New Orleans in the wee work time of the antemeridian. Her three family survived. Read around the loss of Jayne and a figure of else celebrities that died in car accidents at with Princess Grace (who may have suffered a minuscule tap ) and Princess Diana.

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I prospect that Jayne's loss will be a reproving to else celebrities with much investment and than they can advance and more importance than they can permit. That includes athletes who are not use to reputation prestige or sponsorship. The beckon to glory can be hugely fast in our media company. Many celebrities we old kindred don't even cognise another than we see them on tv close fallen a red floor cover robed to the "Tee." We don't know why they are celebrities but they are in some vague cleaner classical music or such as wherever we ne'er see them-but they have hard cash.

Here is one proposal for celebrities that were not whelped well-heeled and don't cognise how to feel hard cash and fame:

Stay away from drugs and thwart undue drinking of intoxicating beverages. Prescription drugs can smash you. Don't go to eightfold doctors for prescription drugs. Some nonprescription drugs are not uninjured.

Don't driving force and go on the town. Avoid graduate rate and improvident dynamical and stay put out of cars having specified a operator. Wear your space loop.

Learn how to bring off your capital and don't belongings others near your coins to the degree that gives them adjust. New friends and experts can pain you. Trust the banker in your earth town if you know one good. Let him lead you to prim plus administration.

Don't done do it. You have to have few instance off from work. Drug use is frequently because of toil.

Why am I caption this? Celebrities don't read my stuff.

Well, the rules are moral for each person.

Rest in Peace, Anna Nicole.

The End

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